Gaffer 25 Blanc

Gaffer tape White 25mm x 50m

Reference: 8269.25.50BLA


This ultra-strong, hand-tearable Gaffer adhesive leaves no traces of glue after use.

It allows to repair, mask, label, protect.

Think of the roll-holder strap with carabiner (carabiner tape sling large) ; A quick way to clip two gaffers to your belt.

Gaffer (Adhesive Tape, Gaffer Adhesive Roll) is an adhesive commonly used in the entertainment and audiovisual world (theater, TV, films, concerts, etc.). It is essential for three reasons:

  • his resistance
  • its ease of being cut by hand, lengthwise and widthwise
  • its ability to be removed from many surfaces without leaving marks

Appliances use it to secure cables (on the floor, on walls, on the ceiling, etc.), to identify boxes of equipment (the white gaff acting as a label), to fix, repair, secure, solidify.

The camera assistants always have at least two rolls of 25mm gaffer in two different colors within reach to carry out two missions:

  • Mark actor and camera positions on the ground to help take stock
  • Identify camera hardware


- Anticipate take-off. Remember to make the task of taking off easier for yourself by making a "return", that is to say by sticking one end of the gaffer strip on itself at one of the ends (a few millimeters). This will allow you to take off the mark without any effort.

- Sun exposure: Prolonged UV exposure makes the gaffer hyper-adhesive and difficult to peel off surfaces.

- The gaffer can leave marks on wallpaper and windows if left in place for a long time. Stick the gaffer tape on your pants and peel it off immediately to make it lose some of its resistance.

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The gaffer is a large size adhesive tape used by technicians working in film, television and entertainment (music, theater, etc.). The gaffer is very strong, but easy to cut by hand. It has a good adhesion, but remains easy to remove, and leaves little traces. Very versatile, it allows you to fix objects, lay a cable on the ground or on a wall, mark locations, make emergency repairs. The gaffer is often matte black, to be as invisible as possible on the surface of show stages. Other colors exist, such as red to warn or to mark the position of actors or cameras. The white gaffer can be used as a label, for example by sound engineers writing the name of signals on the edge of a mixer, although paper tape (painter's edging) is also widely used in this case . The word comes from the English gaffer tape, “scotch of the lighting chief”. Not a film is made without at least a roll of Gaffer, we offer all colors in three standard widths


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